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Recover From Chronic Pain | Back Pain | Sciatica

Reduce your back pain in minutes with the UK & European leader in this pain recovery approach

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Hi, I’m Georgie Oldfield. I’m a Physiotherapist and a leader in the field of Pain Recovery. I help people living with back pain become free from pain in less than 12 weeks! All without the use of harmful drugs or invasive procedures.


I thought my life was over and was recommended for surgery, but in just a few months I was back riding bikes with my son. Incredible.


I would never have progressed so much without Georgie’s unwavering support and guidance. For that I will be eternally grateful.


I felt like a bird out of the cage, this is something I would have not even dreamt about a few years ago. Georgie has been a paramount support in my recovery.


A Pain Free Life

I offer 1-2-1 bespoke programmes, which allow me to support and guide each individual towards their recovery, depending on their needs.

Our bodies have an innate ability to heal and the evidence is finally catching and demonstrating that full recovery from chronic pain is possible.

Through my individualized programmes I am able to offer 100% commitment to each of my clients as they progress towards a pain-free, active and healthy life.

It is with this philosophy in mind, that I have designed and created some proven programmes that can result in a pain free life.

Here’s My Story

I trained as a Physiotherapist in the 1980’s and by the late 1990’s I became more and more interested in learning how to help people resolve their pain.  Unfortunately, this led to frustration as I began to realise that once pain became chronic/persistent, all we were expected to do was be able to help clients ‘manage’ it. For me this wasn’t good enough. Why would I want to just help my clients learn to live with their pain?

At about the same time I began to notice how often patients’ symptoms didn’t conform to any physical diagnosis, plus frequently clients told me they had woken with pain or it had come on while doing something completely innocuous. It was while researching and reading widely to try and find answers to these observations that I came across the work of John E Sarno MD.

Dr Sarno spent 40 years of his career developing an understanding of the mind-body connection and using the insights he gained, he achieved astonishing results with his patients where the focus was on recovery from chronic pain, not management.

After coming across his work and then realising that no-one in the UK or Europe specialised in this field I knew I had to contact him in order to learn more.  I was invited to visit Dr Sarno in New York in the US in 2007 and since then I’ve returned for conferences, developed close links with the other leaders in this field globally and became involved with the efforts to raise the profile of this work worldwide.

Over the years my own clinical work has evolved and I’ve developed my own highly successful treatment programmes for people with chronic pain, based on the foundations of Dr Sarno’s pioneering work and now backed up by the latest research into pain science.

In 2010, due to the lack of training in this field worldwide, I also began training health professionals to integrate this approach into their own work. In 2015 I organised and hosted the first conference in this field outside the US which was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, to which 5 of the US Specialists attended to support us and pass on their knowledge.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the often life-changing results my clients achieve and knowing they are living not just a pain free life, but have regained their zest for life.  For this reason I continue to develop my own understanding as well as raising awareness of this innovative and life-changing approach as widely as possible. I have no doubt that I will continue to be involved in this community and develop my own approach for the rest of my career.

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Video Shows How to Reduce Back Pain In Less Than 10 Minutes

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